6th Leadership Elk County class begins

ST. MARYS - Leadership Elk County (LEC) held its sixth annual kick-off event at Aiello’s Cafe on Sept. 11, 2012. There were many in attendance from the LEC advisory board, alumni and this year’s 13 participants and sponsors.  Dr. William Conrad from the Stackpole-Hall Foundation welcomed the group and explained the results of the 2006 Stackpole-Hall Foundation’s Community Assessment, which reflected the need for leadership in Elk County. "We feel leadership is the most important component for the development of a community; therefore, we need to provide opportunities for leadership in Elk County. On behalf of the Stackpole-Hall Foundation, we have been delighted to fund such a project like the Leadership Elk County program,” Conrad said. Northwest Savings Bank was the sponsor for the evening’s event and has been a tremendous supporter of the program, both financially and with class participants. Six participants over the six years of the program have been from Northwest Savings Bank. The first session held on Sept. 12 was the orientation session. This day was to preview the program expectations. The participants explored their own leadership styles and understanding of the group dynamics. The remaining eight sessions will include Tourism & Environment, Communication Skills, History of Elk County, Health and Human Services, Government, Economic Development, Education & Arts and a trip to Harrisburg. This very hands-on program will show the participants what Elk County is all about, from the services available to what the county has to offer to its residents. This year’s 2012-2013 Leadership Elk County participants are: Renee Bauer (St. Marys Insurance Agency), Bill Boylan (Domtar Paper Company), David Green (Allegheny Coatings), Angel Leader (Northwest Savings Bank), Drew Lehman (St. Marys Police Department), Mary Louise Maloney (Northwest Savings Bank), Alan McPherson (St. Marys Airport), Paula Micale (U.S. Post Office), Ashley O’Dell (St. Marys Area Chamber of Commerce), Justin Pratt (Domtar Paper Company), Jim Prosper (Dickinson Center), Stacey Schutz (Elk Regional Health Center) and Sara Stauffer (Dickinson Center).For further information about the LEC program, contact the Community Education Council at 781-3437.