Armyworms on the march in St. Marys

"It's worse than a plague," said Pete Braun of Braun's Farm in St. Marys regarding the destruction of crops caused by invading armyworms. Braun, like many area farmers, is suffering firsthand from the devastation caused by the armyworm, or Pseudaleta unipuncta (Haworth), a native species widely distributed throughout the United States, east of the Rocky Mountains."These worms, they wiped me right out. I lost one field-- was nine acres-- and I went back there and all you seen was black in the field, they just mowed it down to nothing. All that was left was stems sticking up about seven to eight inches high. Last year I got a little over 400 bales out of it. This year I was lucky if I got 30. I don't know what I'm going to do for hay this year. They wiped me right out," Braun said.