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Berteri discusses upcoming tax collection changes

May 22, 2011

Dave Berteri, a member of Elk County's tax collection committee, recently addressed the Jay Township Supervisors about changes to the collection of earned income tax. Photo by Becky Polaski.

Dave Berteri, a member of the tax collection committee for Elk County, addressed the Jay Township Supervisors at their recent meeting to inform them of upcoming changes to how earned income tax is collected within the county.
Addressing meeting attendees, Berteri remarked that many were already likely aware of the change.
"Most of you probably know the government has passed an ordinance that every county has to have one tax collector for the wage tax," Berteri said. "They're forcing [the counties] to do it."
Noting that the process has been underway for a couple of years, he explained that Elk County is currently in the process of selecting a financial institution to handle the funds. A meeting on the matter is currently scheduled for June 22.
He also indicated that a tax collector had already been selected.
"We've already picked Centax as the tax collector," Berteri said.
According to Berteri, services such as the St. Marys Tax Service will not longer be in effect at the end of this year.
"Some counties have already put it into effect this year, which we were allowed to do if we wanted to," Berteri said.
Once the change is in effect, Berteri noted that electronic transfers will likely become the norm as opposed to actual checks changing hands.

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