Bids for city services recently awarded

Members of city council recently approved awarding bids for both truck/operator services and blacktop patching services for the year. In each instance, only one company submitted a bid. Bucktail Excavators was the sole bidder for truck/operator bids at per-hour rates of $45 for a single axle, $55 for a tandem, $65 for a tri-axle, $80 for a crawler and $60 for a mini-crawler. "These bid prices stayed the same as in 2010," said City Manager Dave Greene. He added that the services would only be utilized on an as-needed basis. "It's not saying we're actually going to do it, but if we do need the services of an excavator or a tandem or tri-axle, truck then this is the company we would go to," Greene said. St. Marys Paving was the only bidder for blacktop patching services for the year, submitting bids of $128 per ton, applied, for 19mm binder and $135 per ton, applied, for 9.5mm wearing course.