Bucktails served while country was divided

MT. ZION - “If war should erupt, we will be able to wipe up all of the blood spilled with a single handkerchief,’” said J.D. Petruzzi, Civil War historian and author from Brockway, in his address to the audience at the Bucktail monument dedication held at Mt. Zion Historical Park. “These words were declared by Alabama attorney and first Confederate Secretary of War, LeRoy Pope Walker, as the American Civil War began to break out. As we all now know, likely all the handkerchiefs in the world at the time were probably not enough to sop up all of the blood spilled during those four wretched years of this defining conflict in our nation’s history,” Petruzzi said. Petruzzi said the figure most often quoted for those killed or wounded on both sides of the Civil War is 625,000, more than all of the casualties suffered in war or military conflict in which the United States has been involved, before or since, combined. He said historians have been going back through records in an effort to more accurately document the number and they are estimating that closer to 750,000 casualties occurred.