Career as physical therapist assistant provides opportunity for travel

Imagine being young and having a job where you get to travel around the country, moving from place to place every 13 weeks while earning a good living in your chosen profession. St. Marys native Greg Wehler is currently enjoying this experience as a traveling physical therapist assistant.“I’ve just always been interested in physical therapy,” Wehler said of his career choice.Wehler graduated from Penn State University’s DuBois campus with his A.S. in Physical Therapy in May 2011. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from Penn State.After successfully passing his boards last autumn, he is now in the final weeks of his first job at a geriatric rehabilitation facility in Colonial Heights, Va.“That’s where the jobs were,” Wehler said. “There were no job openings in Pennsylvania.”His day-to-day activities involve visiting patients and assisting with their rehabilitation from ailments such as joint replacement, strokes, or broken bones. In particular, he aids them with their walking and exercise regiments.“There’s no schedule,” he explained. “You get a list of people and you go see them when you can. We get them better to go home or wherever they’re planning on going.”Wehler remarked that he would recommend working as a traveling physical therapist assistant to others, explaining that it is a good way to both gain experience and see the country.While he is unsure where his next assignment will be, he hopes to find a job somewhere in Pennsylvania.Though he is enjoying his career as a traveling physical therapist assistant for now, Wehler noted that he believes this career will only be temporary.“I want to go back to school and get my Ph.D. so I can be a physical therapist,” he said.Greg is the son of Tim and Donna Wehler of St. Marys, and the grandson of Luke and Katty Wehler of St. Marys and the late Richard and Patricia Foster.He is a 2005 graduate of St. Marys Area High School. His hobbies include working out and playing the lottery.While his job keeps him busy, he tries to make it back to St. Marys every few weeks to see his family and girlfriend.