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'Cash Mob' hoping to provide boost for local businesses

March 27, 2012

Photo by Amy Cherry Paula Weyant is shown hanging up a flyer promoting the upcoming Cash Mob St. Marys event, which will take place Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at three local businesses. Weyant, along with Amy Cherry, co-organized the event, which is geared at promoting and supporting local businesses by spending a minimum of $10 at one or all of the establishments.

ST. MARYS - Area residents are introducing a way to support local businesses while having a lot of fun in the process. Instead of a "flash mob," an event where people use social media to gather at a public place and perform a dance or song, co-organizers Amy Cherry and Paula Weyant are forming a "cash mob," a similar event that will allow area residents to see what local businesses have to offer.
"It's similar to a flash mob except that instead of singing and dancing, we plan to arm ourselves with $10 and $20 bills to help do our part in boosting our local economy," Cherry said.
She said the goal of the mob is simple: to support locally owned businesses by spending a minimum of $10 at a business, or all of them if so inclined, through periodically held organized events. On Saturday, March 31, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., area residents are invited to mob the following businesses: Old Charm Gift Shoppe on Brusselles Street; Dave's Pro Shop on Erie Avenue; and The Detail Shop on the Million Dollar Highway. Several "mobbers" will be meeting at DDs Bakery on Erie Avenue at 9 a.m. prior to the event and a celebration will be held at Merlin's after the mob at 2 p.m. Additionally, some businesses will have specials for their mob visitors.
Weyant said the idea of the cash mob is to make a positive impact on businesses in communities and have fun in the process.
"It's our community of people supporting our community of businesses," Weyant said. "It's all about paying it forward."
"It also offers networking opportunities as a great way to meet new people," Cherry added.

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