Catholic Charities awarded a grant to support Real Alternatives program

ST. MARYS – Catholic Charities recently received a $6,000 from Women Who Care to support their Real Alternatives Program. Nanci Mattison, who serves as Director of Catholic Charities, explained that the program is a way to help deter expecting mothers in a crisis situation from abortion. “In the program we provide counseling and help them look for other options,” Mattison said. “We are a pro-life agency and seek to show them alternatives to abortion, help assist them and realize they can do it as a parent.”The Real Alternatives program is always seeking funding to service clients with a much-needed item. “We see a client two times a month and provide them with two to three packs of diapers until the child is one year of age,” said Mattison. “We give 20-30 packages through the entire program.”