Change made for tax office

RIDGWAY - The Elk County Commissioners on Tuesday voted to approve an agreement with Palmetto Posting, Inc., and county officials for the posting of delinquent tax notices on properties for which delinquent taxes are owed.John Samick and Katie Krise from the county's Tax Claims office were on hand Tuesday morning to discuss the change."Palmetto Posting is a company specializing in posting properties for delinquent taxes for tax sales and also for returning claim notices from the previous tax year," Krise said. "The Elk County Sheriff's office used to do that process for us, but the costs are starting to exceed our limits. We found that Palmetto Posting is much more innovative, efficient and cost-effective for this process that we do. "We have about 600 properties for sale and returning claim notices that we post each year. We're trying to keep those costs down as low as possible."