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Christmas on Candy Cane Lane

December 21, 2010

Clauses and candy canes work together in the recent first-grade play, "Christmas on Candy Cane Lane," held at South St. Marys Street Elementary School. Photo by Amy Cherry.

Dressed in festive colors of red, green and white, first grade students at South St. Marys Street Elementary sang and danced their way through their class musical, "Christmas on Candy Cane Lane," presented on Tuesday afternoon.
The 20-minute musical centered around Candy Cane Lane, which was abuzz with festive holiday preparation. Amidst the candy canes, lights, wreaths and evergreen Christmas trees, trouble was brewing as the candy canes debated over which was the best color for them, red or green.
The candy canes went off in search of opinions from the evergreen trees, who of course chose green as their preferred color. Santa weighed in with his favorite color of red. The Color Guard kept a watchful eye on the search throughout the musical.
In the end it was Mrs. Claus, with the help of her elves, who provided a clever solution, creating a special red, green and white candy cane in her candy shop.
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