City Council debates involvement in Zito Media fracas

Ongoing difficulties following the Zito Media cable televison upgrades, implemented June 4, were the subject of much debate at Tuesday's City Council meeting, with members at odds over whether the governing body should involve itself and intervene on behalf of customers. Councilman Bob Roberts said the issues represented a breach of Zitomedia's contractual obligation to the city and said the city is justified in inserting itself into the situation because it has a long-term franchise contract with Zito Media, which affords the company use of the city's utility poles and lines and at the same time requires they maintain a certain level and consistency of service. Councilman Greg Gebauer said that Mr. James Rigas of Zito Media previously addressed council, saying the transition would be a "simple task for all citizens, and it's not and it hasn't been and there are still issues out there."