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City Council opposes area code change

February 21, 2011

Members of city council voted to pass a resolution opposing the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission's decision to change the city's area code from 814 to 582. Pictured, clockwise from back left, are council members Denny Nero, Dan Hepner, Rick Gabler, Dick Dornisch, Steve Skok and Bob Roberts. Photo by Becky Polaski.

At the request of city councilman Bob Roberts, members of city council approved issuing a resolution expressing their opposition to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission's plan to change the telephone area code in the area from 814 to 582.
"I wonder if it wouldn't be well for the City of St. Marys to oppose that change," Roberts said. "Many municipalities around us are doing that, in fact, and I'd like to see a resolution."
While Roberts acknowledged that he was unsure how much good the resolution would do, he noted that it would at least send a message that the city is not in favor of accepting the 582 area code change.
Council members noted that the area code change is set to go into effect in 2012.
Mayor Sally Geyer remarked that imposing a new area code would inconvenience a lot of people and require a multitude of changes.
Roberts motioned for a resolution opposing the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission's decision to change St. Marys and most of Elk County from 814 to 582. His motion was seconded by councilman Steve Skok and approved unanimously by council. The resolution will be put into written form and signed by Geyer at a later date.

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