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Community building rules discussed

September 6, 2012

Photo by Amy Cherry Fox Township supervisors review bid openings for limestone. Shown are Dave Mattiuz, Mike Keller and Randy Gradizzi.

Fox Township Supervisors discussed changes to the draft of the Community Building rental agreement rules during their recent meeting.
Supervisor Randy Gradizzi questioned several statements. One rule stated the "community building shall not be available for use by for-profit groups, businesses or individuals." He said this affects the Zumba and karate classes because there is a charge for those classes.
A second rule says the building shall not be used for events which offer items for service or for sale. Gradizzi questioned if this would exclude Guardian Angel's yard sale. A third item of concern requires organizations utilizing the building to carry an insurance policy of not less than $1 million, which he said would exclude many organizations.
Gradizzi voiced his concern over the statement that items brought into the facility shall be removed at the end of each scheduled activity. He referred to the karate classes, for which the instructor keeps equipment in the building. Township Secretary Kathie Dowie said a provision could be added by the township to allow equipment for ongoing recreational activities to be stored in the building.
A clause was removed stating no firearms are prevented in the building. If this would have remained in the document, the annual gun bash would not been have been permitted to take place in the building.
Fees include a $40-per-hour charge if the building requires cleanup following an event. Such events referenced that are currently held in the building are Cub Scout activities, the Blue and Gold dinner and the Pinewood Derby. Dowie noted organizers of these events have been cooperative in cleaning up after themselves.
"I don't understand some of these fees," Gradizzi said, referencing the difference between a Sportsmen's Club event, for which the organization would have to pay a $100 security deposit and $100 rental fee, and no cost incurred for the Blue and Gold dinner.
"The biggest difference is a fundraising event versus a meeting, activity, training, etc.," Dowie said.
Supervisor Mike Keller said a new, updated draft will be created as supervisors will email Dowie with their requested changes.

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