Community Recycling Center now accepting hardback books

f you are spring cleaning and wondering what to do with the outdated hardback encyclopedia set taking up an entire shelf on your bookcase, or just simply have hardback books you want to get rid of, the Community Recycling Center in St. Marys is now offering the option to recycle them. "Over the course of the months we've always had people ask about hardback books," said solid waste/recycling coordinator Bekki Titchner. "Some people actually tear the covers off (to recycle them). Some people just drop off hardback books (at the center). A lot of the issue is because places like Goodwill just won't take the old reference material and stuff like that. There's really no market for it."Without a market for reselling the items and with many people not wanting to just throw them away, they sit around collecting dust and taking up space. That no longer has to be the case. "The broker we're going to be working with for the majority of our materials, called Cl Trading, LLC, said that they could take hardback books. Market price is dependent on how things are at the time, but it's definitely worth our while to do it -- but we need 15,000 pounds," Titchner said. Hardback books can be dropped off at the recycling center in the Stackpole Complex during the facility's normal business hours. Titchner indicated that the current plan is to store the books in cardboard boxes until enough have been received. "Because books are pretty heavy, it shouldn't take an enormous amount of time [to reach 15,000 pounds]," she said. Right now she is trying to spread the word to let residents, schools, libraries, and anyone else who has hardback books know that the option exists to recycle them. The center will accept hardback books from anywhere, provided that the books are transported to the facility.