Council approves installation of fire hydrants

Members of the St. Marys City Council voted to approve the installation of three new fire hydrants at strategic areas around the city during their meeting on Monday evening. The hydrants will be placed on Rosely Road at the end of the city-maintained road near the turnaround, on S. St. Marys Road just prior to the entrance to Pepsi Bottling Group, and on S. St. Marys Road near the intersection of Comfort Lane. According to Dave Greene, city manager, the Crystal Fire Department makes annual recommendations to the city and the St. Marys Area Water Authority regarding areas where hydrants could be installed to enhance their firefighting capabilities. "We do budget for these annually," Greene said. Sally Geyer, mayor, inquired why two of the proposed hydrants are located on S. St. Marys Road."Apparently we don't have any on that side of the road," Greene responded. Bob Roberts, councilman, also asked whether the installation of the hydrants along S. St. Marys Road would have any impact on future road work. Greene answered that it would not. For more on this story see the Jan. 18 edition of The Daily Press.