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Council revises proposed jake brake ordinance

June 4, 2012

Photo by Amy Cherry - During Monday evening's meeting, members of St. Marys City Council discussed the proposed jake brake ordinance and added a revision to the document.

Members of St. Marys City Council discussed the city's proposed engine brake or "jake brake" ordinance, permitting its use in specified sections of the city.
During Monday evening's meeting, Councilman Ned Jacob stated that because the ordinance covers every street and alley in the city, that is a large area to cover considering how much of state routes 120 and 255 are within the city limits.
Mayor Sally Geyer stated she does not agree with the fine, set at up to $500. If violators default on payment they are subject to imprisonment of up to 90 days.
"I'm having very strong reservations on this," Geyer said.
Jacob suggested posting signs about jake brake enforcement at the beginnings of routes 120 and 255 as drivers enter the city.
"There's no way I can vote for that," Dornisch said, questioning if there really is enough excessive use of jake brakes to pass an ordinance about it.
Jacob explained that on South St. Marys Street, where he has an apartment located, the sound is very loud.

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