Council voices opinion on local events

St. Marys City Councilman Gary Anderson briefly voiced his concern about the Rt. 255 construction project and the frequent traffic jams experienced by local drivers at a recent meeting. He noted that traffic is sometimes backed up from Walmart to Dairy Queen, causing issues for students and employees attempting to get to work and school on time. Fellow C uncilman Greg Gebauer added emergency vehicles are also having difficulty in getting through traffic. "It's basically one traffic light backing it up a half-mile," Anderson said. "I can't imagine what we're going to see from Tractor Supply all the way to State Street next year."Anderson suggested a possible remedy to the situation could be for road crews to work during the evening or having alternate flow traffic by only working on one lane at a time. "They have to do something more innovative than they did this year," Anderson said. "It's been a very bad situation."City Manager Dave Greene suggested having Dean Ball from PennDOT attend the next council meeting to address such concerns. Gebauer said it makes sense to place a flagger at the stoplight to work against it in order to keep traffic flowing."If someone comes up to the Walmart intersection, it's backing that traffic up a long ways," Gebauer said. Anderson added next year there will be a half-dozen lights to contend with rather than just one or two right now. Greene updated council on the status of the State Street wall, noting PennDOT owns the property and has begun working on repairs. Stakes have been installed along the bank and into the nearby back and front school parking lot, signifying how far back the location of the right-of-way will be situated.