County begins process of replacing tax collection company

FOX TWP. - "It turned out to be a fiasco," said Charles Bloam III, tax collector for the City of St. Marys, in describing the realization of Pennsylvania's Act 32 requiring counties to consolidate the collection of earned income tax (EIT) to a single collector. The recent breakdown of the county's contract with CENTAX, the firm contracted to collect and disburse earned income tax to local municipalities and school districts, has highlighted difficulties associated with the state's Act 32 legislation. In a special meeting of the Elk County Tax Collection Committee on Monday in Fox Township, chairman Brent Rhoads said $219,000 has yet to be distributed by CENTAX to municipalities and school districts in the county. In addition, Rhoads said with the average annual EIT total for Elk County roughly $1.25 million, several thousand dollars have yet to be accounted for.