Despite rebranding, Straub Beer will remain the same

ST. MARYS - As Straub Brewery launches new packaging with a new name and a new look, company officials want to assure customers that only the labels are changing, not the beer or ownership of the company. "First, and most importantly, the name of the brewery is not changing and it remains owned by the Straub family with absolutely no plans, now or in the future, to sell the company or change the name," said William C. Brock, president and CEO of Straub Brewery, Inc. "What Straub is doing is correctly labeling our beers with their proper names. So, while the beer recipes have not changed, we are simply rebranding and labeling the beer by its proper name and modifying the look of the packaging."We selected a design that reminded us of Pennsylvania, the Northern Allegheny Mountains and the outdoors. This image is very important to Straub, as well as for those who live in this area."The name Straub is still prominent on cases, bottles and cans, Brock said, but packaging now designates the style of suds inside. Straub Premium will now be known as Straub American Lager, Straub Light as Straub American Light Lager and Peter Straub Special Dark as Straub American Amber Lager. As far as packaging changes, there will be new "mother" cartons for non-returnable bottles, new six-pack carriers, and new cans. Just in time for fishing and summer pursuits where it isn't a great idea to have glass bottles, the former Peter Straub Special Dark will now be available in cans, something consumers had been requesting. Production using the new packaging began last week and was available in St. Marys over the weekend; shipments began moving statewide this week.