Director highlights state budget

Back in February, Governor Tom Corbett unveiled a $27.1 billion state budget proposal that held the line on taxes while making deep cuts in higher education assistance.The spending plan is reportedly only a 1-percent decrease from last year's budget; however, Corbett's initial plan calls for cuts of over $300 million from 14 state-owned universities and a small reduction in funding for public schools.According to David Mitchell, the current director of Corbett's northwest regional office out of Erie, the proposed budget continues to be the hot topic in Harrisburg."They'll be back next week to really hit it hard but the ball is in the other court-- the governor has already given his shot, now it's up to the Legislature to take his proposal and come to [a] compromise," Mitchell said. "It is important that we reach the $27.1 billion mark and we have to balance the budget just like everyone else's department, your counties, and the local municipalities."