ECC honors athletes at Spring Athletic Awards Program

The Elk County Catholic High School 2011-2012 Spring Athletic Awards Program was held on Tuesday evening in the ECCHS auditorium. ECC Athletic Director Aaron Straub offered some brief opening remarks before turning the microphone over to Fr. Ross Miceli, who gave the invocation. ECC Athletic Association President Chris Schneider delivered a short welcome and Straub added a few acknowledgments to start off the program. The first awards presented during the evening's program were three-sport certificates. Female three-sport certificate recipients were seniors Abbi Petrosky, Maggie Sorg, and Jena Struble; juniors Taylor DaCanal, Kristy Hanes, Maura Keyes, Michelle Imbrogno, Morgan Onink, Katie Pearson, and Steph Zimmerman; sophomores Sophie Assalone, Michaela Cashmer, Emma Daghir, Hayley DaCanal, Leah Kucenski, Maria Scacchitti, Marla Scacchitti, and Rachel Stauffer; and freshmen Renee Buchheit, Nicole Florio, Marissa Heary, Sierra Meyer, Hannah Onink, Ellie Pearson, Jolene Renwick, Maddy Schneider, Sydnie Stauffer, Julia Sweeney, Jessica Tettis, Kirstie Wehler, and Sam Zimmerman. Male three-sport certificate recipients were seniors Joe Hoffman and Ben Wortman; juniors Ben Cortina, Mitchell Gahr, Brock McCullough, Joe McLaughlin, Shea Meyer, and Mitchell O'Neill; sophomores Andrew Gebauer, Corey Huff, Vincent Jacob, Corey Koss, Ben Reuscher, Brandon Schlimm, and Nick Werner; and freshmen Austin Amacher, Drew Bille, Jonathan Dippold, Ian Herzing, Aaron Meier, Drew Meyer, Austin Minard, Ryan Seelye, Dan Singer, Mitchell Smith, Mitchell Struble, Joe Tamburlin, and Josh Zelinski. Next, letter jackets were presented to senior Joe Childs; juniors Mitchell Gahr, Jessica Ginther, Peter Pontzer, and Stephanie Zimmerman; sophomores Danielle Healy, Ben Herbstritt, Dylan Hodgdon, and Marla Scacchitti; and freshmen Drew Bille, Tori Dippold, Aaron Meier, Drew Meyer, Macy Neureiter, Hannah Onink, Sydnie Stauffer, Kirstie Wehler, and Samantha Zimmerman. Three-year letter winner certificates were presented to Pat Brennen, Ryan Detsch, Jessica Franco, Jake Herbstritt, Michael Jacob, Dan Johnson, Joe McLaughlin, Elizabeth Nicklas, Morgan Onink, Scott Reichard, Taylor Schlimm, and Lyndsey Trumbull. Four-year letter winner certificates were presented to Helen Danz, Joe Georgino, Caleb Lecker, Shane Mancuso, Sam Mosebarger, Abbi Petrosky, Maggie Sorg, and Ben Wortman. The first coach to take the podium was boys' and girls' head track coach John Schneider. After detailing some of the highlights of his teams' seasons, Schneider handed out varsity letters and presented several awards. Letter winners in boys' track and field were seniors Ben Cappiello, Joe Georgino, Jake Herbstritt, Joe Hoffman, Michael Jacob, Ryan Jacobs, Dan Johnson, Kevin Kraus, Caleb Lecker, Mike Lovenduski, and Sam Mosebarger; juniors Ryan Detsch and Mitchell Gahr; sophomores Andrew Gebauer, Ben Herbstritt, Dylan Hodgdon, Corey Koss, and Adam Lovenduski; and freshman Drew Bille. Other members of the squad were senior Lorenzo Dingcong; junior Peter Pontzer; sophomores Brady Garner and Nick Werner; and freshmen Lucas Knight, Nathan Koss, Andrew Smith, and Mitchell Smith. The team statisticians were Emily Bush and Torie Gleixner. Letter winners in girls' track and field were seniors Helen Danz, Jessica Franco, Abbi Petrosky, and Maggie Sorg; juniors Elizabeth Nicklas, Morgan Onink, and Cassie Thompson; sophomores Emma Daghir, Rachel Glatt, Danielle Healy, Marla Scacchitti, and Kennedy Weisner; and freshmen Victoria Dippold, Nicole Florio, Marissa Heary, Macy Neureiter, Hannah Onink, Sydnie Stauffer, Julia Sweeney, Kirstie Wehler, and Samantha Zimmerman. In addition to Schneider, assistant coaches of both of this year's track and field squads were Mike Sherry, Stan Kornacki, Wee J. Fernan, Frank Ehrensberger, Sharon Weisner, Steve Dellaquila, and Mike Werner. Schneider presented a certificate of recognition and achievement to Kennedy Weisner. Coaches Awards for dedication, perseverance, and the ability to overcome adversity were presented to Helen Danz and Jess Franco. Coaches Awards for leadership were presented to Joe Georgino and Kevin Kraus. Outstanding Performer Awards were presented to Abbi Petrosky, Caleb Lecker, and Jake Herbstritt. Junior high head coach Bruce Sherry then briefly addressed attendees regarding the junior high track and field team's season. Eighth grade members of the team were Madeline Aiello, Grace Bobby, Scott Brazinski, Jacob Chileski, Michael Dinsmore, Joshua Eckert, Mackenzie Gahr, Nicholas Gismondi, Joshua Gleixner, Sydney Hoffman, Landon Holjencin, Kali Ann Kirst, Lexi Knight, Mary Kraus, Jenna Labant, Duncan Lavelle, Ashley Lenze, Emily O'Neill, Kyle Schatz, Allegra Schloder, Tabitha Sherry, Michael Stager, Elise Stebick, Sophia Viglione, Cori Wendel, Noah Werner, Stacie Werneth, Hannah Wittman, and Jack Wolfe. Seventh graders on the squad were Thomas Bojalad, Jared Braun, Mitchell Cashmer, Joshua Chileski, Vincent Cristini, Jordyn Fox, Bryce Gabler, Ryan Heary, Benjamin Koss, Joseph Kucenski, Emily Prencipe, Jacob Raffeinner, Doug Schatz, Blade Solomon, Vincent Thompson, Ben Troy, Ben Uberti, Andrew Wingard, Lauryn Wortman, and Zachery Wortman. Assistant coaches this year were Pete Meier, Mark Jacob, Linda Meier, Chelsea Bloam, Jessica Crow, Tom Heary, Blaine Stebick, and Ken Wortman. Next to take the stage was varsity girls' softball head coach Dr. Joe Coroso. He reflected on some of the highlights of his squad's season so far and talked about some of the individual players' accomplishments prior to handing out varsity letters and awards. Letter winners on this year's varsity girls' softball team were seniors Taylor Schlimm, Jena Struble, and Lyndsey Trumbull; juniors Taylor DaCanal, Jessica Ginther, Kristy Hanes, Michelle Imbrogno, Sadie Viglione, and Stephanie Zimmerman; sophomores Mackenzie Neureiter and Rachel Stauffer; and freshmen Sierra Meyer and Madeline Schneider. Other members of the team were junior Maria Tettis; sophomores Michaela Cashmer and Hayley DaCanal; and freshman Abbey Bauer. The Offensive MVP Award was presented to junior Jessica Ginther, the Defensive MVP Award was presented to junior Kristy Hanes, and the Coaches Award was presented to senior Taylor Schlimm.Assistant coaches for this year's varsity team were Digger O'Dell, Jude Schlimm and Aileen Hanes. Junior varsity girls' softball head coach Amy Popielski also briefly addressed attendees, introducing her team and detailing their season. Members of the junior varsity girls' softball team were sophomores Michaela Cashmer, Hayley DaCanal, Carli Schneider, and Tara Trumbull; and freshmen, Abbey Bauer, Darby Hetrick, Kylee Kline, Sierra Meyer, Jolene Renwick, Madeline Schneider, Jessica Tettis, and Sophia Yanak. Score keepers were Susie Smith and Danielle Wolfel. Assistant coaches for the junior varsity team were Pete Stauffer, Phil Popielski, and Wes Meyer. Varsity boys' baseball head coach Tom Zampogna reflected on his young team and their season thus far. He then handed out varsity letters and three Coaches Awards.Letter winners on this year's varsity boys' baseball team were seniors Pat Brennen, Joe Childs, and Bryan Haberberger; juniors Wes Brennen, Ben Cortina, Jack Herzing, Brock McCullough, Shea Meyer, and Joe McLaughlin; sophomores Vincent Jacob, Brandon Schlimm, and Ivan Wortman; and freshman Dan Singer. Also on the team was junior Mitchell O'Neill. Assistant coaches for the varsity squad were Louie Iorfida, Brad Steinbach, and Russ Daniels. Coaches Award recipients were Pat Brennen, Joe Childs, and Bryan Haberberger. Junior varsity baseball head coach Dean Gerber was up next, informing program attendees about their successful season. Members of the junior varsity boys' baseball team were sophomores Ryan Childs, Andrew Gerber, Cory Huff, and Ben Reuscher; and freshmen Austin Amacher, Jon Dippold, Matt Feldbauer, Bryan Hansen, Ian Herzing, Luke Hoffman, Ryan Seelye, Mitchell Struble, Joe Tamburlin, Kyle Williams, Tom Wolfe, Josh Zelinski, and Tyler Zelinski. Assistant coaches for the junior varsity team were Andy Reuscher and John Zelinski. The final coach to take to the stage was boys' tennis head coach Nick Caggiano, who offered a humorous speech covering a variety of topics related to his squad's season. He then handed out varsity letters and Coaches Awards. Letter winners on this year's boys' tennis team were seniors Cole Gerber, Scott Krellner, Shane Mancuso, Brian Nguyen, Brent Polaski, and Ben Wortman; juniors Alex Herzing and Scott Reichard; and freshmen Alan Brennen, Aaron Meier, Drew Meyer, and Austin Minard. Assistant coaches for the team were Fr. Jim Faluszczak and Chad Meholic. The Coaches Award for the most accomplished player went to Ben Wortman. Scott Krellner recieved the Coaches Award for "doing work," and Shane Mancuso received the Coaches Award for dedication and leadership. The Alan Kopp Memorial Award was presented to Maggie Sorg. The Lady Crusader Extra Effort Award went to Lexi Meholic, while the Crusader Extra Effort Award was presented to Joe Georgino. The female Distinguished Athlete Award was presented to Abbi Petrosky and the male Distinguished Athlete Award went to Jake Herbstritt. The female and male Dave Geitner Awards were given to Maggie Sorg and Joe Hoffman, respectively. The female and male Scholar Athlete Awards were presented to Jena Struble and Ben Wortman, respectively. For the final presentation of the night, Athletic Association president Chris Schneider presented the Association Booster Award to Dave Geci. A social was held in the school's foyer immediately following the awards program.