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ECC students ECHOing message of community service

December 1, 2011

Photo by Becky Polaski - Fr. Ross Miceli, campus minister at Elk County Catholic High School, is shown recording ECCHS seniors Sara Kucenski and Jonathan Leuschel for a video about Elk Catholic Helping Others (ECHO).

Students at Elk County Catholic High School (ECCHS) recently created ECHO - an acronym for "Elk Catholic Helping Others" - as an umbrella title for all of the service projects that school members participate in throughout the year.
Fr. Ross Miceli, campus minister at ECCHS, explained that the creation of ECHO was deemed necessary because it served as a way to explain that Elk Catholic does a great deal more service outreach than that which falls into the category of campus ministry.
"As we were looking at the Elk County Catholic School System, Elk County Catholic High School, we were trying to find an acronym that would fit with our school. As we went through the dictionary we kind of came across 'echo.' Echo also has a great meaning for us. Not only does it echo the words of someone, to kind of carry on or reverb the whole aspect of community service, but also it comes from the same Greek root word for catechesis, so it really adds to our levels of teaching and learning," Miceli said.
Sara Kucenski and Jonathan Leuschel, student representatives for ECHO, explained that while the acronym stands for Elk Catholic Helping Others, it could just as easily stand for "Elk County Helping Others," "Every Christian Helping Others," or, at its widest interpretation, "Every Citizen Helping Others."

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