ECCSS surpasses fundraising goal

The Elk County Catholic School System concluded their annual Race for Education on Friday with a program for all of the system's students at Elk County Catholic High School on Friday. Students took part in a number of activities, learned how much money was raised through the event, and joined together for an hour-long walk around the school and adjacent properties. Race for Education co-coordinators Mary Lynn Carnovale and Bonnie Pearson hosted the announcement of the results and also awarded prizes to some of the top student fundraisers. They explained that they are 648 students within the entire school system, and 341 of them took part in the fundraiser. Additionally, out of 4,600 mailers that were sent out seeking donations, 2,400 were returned, which Carnovale and Pearson remarked was a good number. A goal of $30,000 had been set at the start of the fundraiser, and so far over $33,138 has been raised.