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Elk Haven receives good marks on state survey

July 12, 2011

Elk Haven Nursing Home in St. Marys recently received good marks from state inspectors and was below the state industry average in the number of deficiencies found at the facility. Photo submitted.

A recent inspection by state officials found Elk Haven Nursing Home below the state industry average in the number of deficiencies found, a positive result following the completion of an annual weeklong standards survey conducted at the facility in late May.
Surveyors for the state Department of Health's Division of Nursing Care Facilities visit all of the nursing homes in Pennsylvania to review their compliance with state and federal regulations. During an annual inspection such as the one that recently took place at Elk Haven, inspectors ask about and observe every aspect of resident care, ranging from food temperature to fire and building safety.
Tom Davido, Elk Haven's administrator, said the survey process is extremely thorough. 
"An annual survey with deficiencies below the state industry average is an incredible feat," Davido said.  "We are very pleased to have passed our recent survey with results below the state average." 
Any violation of state or federal regulations results in a "Statement of Deficiencies" being sent to the nursing home. This summary contains information about inspectors' findings during their review and the particular regulations that are applicable to those findings. Unless the violations are very minor, the nursing home is required to submit a Plan of Correction to the Department of Health that outlines how the facility will correct any deficiencies within a specified period.
When inspectors find a deficiency, or "tag," they rate it on a scale from "no harm" to "serious harm." A "serious harm" tag may result in a facility being fined or a provisional licensure. Elk Haven had no "serious harm" deficiencies in its latest inspection.

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