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Fire dept. requests township assistance for building repairs

September 5, 2012

Photo by Amy Cherry Fox Township supervisors review bid openings for limestone. Shown are Dave Mattiuz, Mike Keller and Randy Gradizzi.

At Wednesday's meeting of the Fox Twp. Supervisors, Bob Gradizzi of the Fox Township Volunteer Fire Department was in attendance with several members of the fire company to inquire if any township money had been set aside to fund building maintenance for the fire hall.
Gradizzi explained the building needs a new furnace and is aiming to have a new one installed before winter.
"We're having a lot of issues with the building," Gradizzi said. "We need to get some work done on the building, definitely before winter as far as heat goes."
He mentioned the township had discussed an agreement with the fire department several years ago about saving $500,000 in the budget each year for two years, with the interest going toward funding building maintenance.
Supervisor Chairman Mike Keller replied there was talk of such a deal; however, as an alternative was because the township pays the fire department's utility bills, that was an offset of the deal. Both Keller and fellow supervisor Randy Gradizzi said they did not think any money had been set aside for the fire hall.
"Personally, I think we should revisit the whole original idea of trimming the cost and rebuilding it, in my opinion. There were issues with the existing building way back when," Randy Gradizzi said.
Supervisor Dave Mattiuz said according to the state, as a township of the second class Fox cannot fund repairs to the club side of the building.

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