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Fox supervisors increase usage fees for ECC soccer

August 2, 2012

Shown are Fox Township Supervisors Dave Mattiuz, Mike Keller and Randy Gradizzi. Photo by Amy Cherry.

FOX TWP. - On Wednesday evening, the Fox Township Supervisors approved forwarding an addendum to Elk County Catholic High School which increases the soccer team's fees to utilize the township's field for all of their home games. The school may choose to approve or reject the addendum.
Supervisors Dave Mattiuz and Mike Keller voted in favor of the fee increase, while Randy Gradizzi cast an opposing vote.
"I'm opposed to it. I think if we're going to change something, we need to do it at the beginning of the year when we do our budget," Gradizzi said.
Stipulations mentioned in the addendum were such changes of charging $50 per game, including the use of the park's electronic scoreboard, and $100 per game, including the use of the scoreboard and the lights; all practice sessions would be held at the SinterFire multi-purpose field, with no rental fee being charged to the team; all games and practice sessions would be scheduled through the Fox Twp. Recreation Facilities director, who is currently Debby Agosti, with consideration given to the use of the fields by the Fox Twp. Soccer League; rental fees would be paid to the Fox Twp. Secretary/Treasurer, who is currently Kathy Dowie, within 10 days of the month's end in any month the field is used; and as long as all conditions of the contract and the addendum are met, ECCHS and the Fox Twp. Soccer League would be free to make any arrangements between themselves to satisfy fees set forth in the contract and addendum.


ECC is already taking enough

August 5, 2012 by Warren VanZanten (not verified), 3 years 3 weeks ago
Comment: 383

ECC is already taking enough hits as it is. They are loosing students at a drastic rate because of the rising tuition fees. If Fox twp. wants to raise the fees it should be long before the beginning of the school year. Right now I doubt that they would have the option to be able to go back to playing on the SMAHS Field like they used to play on.

soccer field

August 2, 2012 by zz (not verified), 3 years 3 weeks ago
Comment: 382

What a crock, Mattiuz and Keller should be real proud!!! These ECC players ref their soccer league for nothing but the ability to play on the fields for the previously AGREED to price!! Even the rec board is against it. Keller and Mattiuz should spend some of the $$$ their getting from the landfill. I am sure if ECC played 10 games at the field that the landfill stash can afford $500. Nice to think of all the Fox Twp. students who attend ECC!! I know how you two are thinking, your thinking awe these dang St. Marys kids are getting to use our fields so cheap, but you forget there are Fox kids who attend ECC. I thought all this Twp. against the city and city against twp. ended when Meier left the city council!! Maybe it wasnt only Meier who didnt want to cooperate, how about it Mr. Keller? And Dave Mattiuz, Im very disappointed in you............never again 1 term your out!!

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