Fox supervisors review business items

Under unfinished business for the Fox Township Supervisors at their recent meeting, a motion was approved to accept a draft for the advertisement of formally establishing the Toby Water Board. The board is seeking new members to serve on it. Interested volunteers should contact the township office to submit their names. Current Toby Water board members will continue to serve on the board.Supervisors also discussed establishing rental fees for park facilities. Supervisor Mike Keller inquired about charging such fees to make money, while Supervisor Dave Mattiuz noted that after reviewing the Recreation Board's current list of rental fees, most fees are eventually refunded after the event. Keller added that this was in conflict as to what the township would like to do. Mattiuz suggested the parks could charge similar to how the community center charges for rental of its facility, which Keller agreed with.Supervisor Randy Gradizzi said the park could create a list of rental fees and present it during the township's organizational meeting held at the beginning of each year. He noted that this is when the community center and the township establish their fees for various building and equipment rentals. "Even if the fees are minimal, as long as they are enough to support the activities," Gradizzi said.Any established fees may be reviewed each year and changed if requested.Supervisors then reviewed a draft of an ordinance in establishing a savings plan for the township, in reference to funds received through the landfill."This is one of the more important things we can do," Keller said. "The goal is to provide long-term support for the township and allow us to be financially sound in the future."