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Gabler, Thompson, Corbett, Toomey carry Elk County

November 3, 2010

Elk County voters took to the polls Tuesday during the general election. Photo by Amy Cherry.

In the Nov. 2 general election, Republican Matt Gabler picked up 6,823 votes in Elk County compared to Democrat Frank Straub's 3,162 votes in the race for Representative in the General Assembly for the 75th District.
A total of 10,075 Elk County voters turned out at the polls on Tuesday, 50.6 percent of the county's registered voters. The majority of voters split the ballot, with 1,517 Democrats voting for the straight Democratic ticket and 2,302 Republicans voting for the straight Republican ticket.
In the battle for the United States Senate, Republican Pat Toomey was the top vote-getter in Elk County with 5,423 votes, while his opponent, Democrat Joe Sestak, picked up 4,438 votes.
In the battle for governor/lieutenant governor, the Republican ticket of Corbett and Cawley mustered 6,142 votes in Elk County, while the Democratic ticket of Onorato and Conklin received 3,781 votes.
The contest for Representative in Congress for the 5th District found Republican Glenn Thompson receiving 6,383 votes, while Democrat Michael Pipe received 3,150 votes and Libertarian Vernon L. Etzel collected 313 votes.
The Fox Township referendum on whether to increase the number of Fox Township Supervisors from three to five was defeated by the voters by a 638 to 440 total.
Corbett and Toomey also won the majority of the votes in Clearfield, Jefferson and Cameron counties.
For more on this story, see the Nov. 3 edition of The Daily Press.

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