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Guardian Angels receives grant to initiate new program

January 2, 2012

The Guardian Angels center located in Kersey has a wide variety of new and gently-used clothing to supplement the clothing needs of infants, toddlers and children whose families struggle financially. Clothing may be limited by the amount of pieces a child can take home, but the variety is limitless. Photo by Heather Cherry

The Guardian Angel Center, Helpmates Charitable Giving Foundation, Inc., has recently received a grant from the Women Who Care to start a new program.
“We are working on starting a new disposable diapers program,” said Clythera Hornung, volunteer and co-grant contact. “It is a program that we have never done in the past, and it will be a nice benefit to our clients.”
Guardian Angels will lend a helping hand to those who may find it difficult to purchase diapers in an inexpensive manner.
“In order to make your dollars stretch you need to purchase in bulk, but when you are short on cash it is hard to buy a large amount of diapers,” said Hornung. “We will buy in bulk and give away 500-1,000 diapers a year. That is 100 diapers per visit, and people are eligible to come once a month up to five times a year.”
Since its establishment, The Guardian Angel Center pursues assisting families who struggle financially with the clothing needs of infants, toddlers and children.

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