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'Hard work, love, faith' keys to long life, health

January 18, 2012

Photo by Victoria Stanish - The motto "Hard Work, Love Faith" on a sign painted by her grandson that hangs on her barn are the words that St. Marys resident Marge Forster says she has always lived by during her 98 years.

As people try to put into practice some of their New Year's resolutions to become healthier, happier and live longer, they might want to talk to Marge (Schaberl) Forster, who can probably give them some insight into how to go about it.
The St. Marys resident just turned 98 years young in November 2011. A sign on one of the barns at her home reads "The Forster Farm - Hard Work, Love, Faith." Forster said the words on the sign, which was created by her grandson T.J. DaMore, represent the motto she lives by.
"I know when I was 97, I thought, 'Why am I here?' That's what I keep wondering. But God must have a reason for something," said Forster.

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