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Heroin addict's story serves as warning to kids

May 13, 2013

Shown is "Shane," a former heroin addict and current Pennsylvania State Prisoner who has shared his story of addiction with students, from behind bars, as part of The Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office new anti-drug program aimed at keeping students off of illicit street drugs, and their prescription counterparts.

Pennsylvania has the 10th highest rate of drug overdoses in the nation with 15 drug-related deaths per 100,000 people in 2008.
In response, the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office has launched a new anti-drug program aimed at steering students away from illicit street drugs, and their prescription counterparts through the visceral firsthand account of one man's descent into an addiction to heroin that nearly claimed his life and landed him behind bars.
The focal point of the campaign is the testimonial of "Shane," a young Pennsylvania man who shares the story of escalating drug use that saw him flatline after an overdose and eventually imprisoned for bank robbery.

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