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Impact fee money usage debated at Jay Twp. meeting

May 17, 2012

Photo by Colin Deppen - Jay Township Board of Supervisors at Thursday's meeting during which they discussed how much impact fee revenue the municipality can expect to see and how it would be distributed to municipal projects and entities.

WEEDVILLE - With the Act 13 impact fee legislation for gas and oil drilling signed into law in February, municipalities like Jay Twp. which stand to collect revenue under the legislation, are still sorting out what will be done with the funds and how much they can expect to receive. The disbursement of potential impact fee revenue and which municipal bodies would benefit was a topic of discussion at Thursday's meeting of the Jay Township Board of Supervisors.
There are currently two spud or unconventional wells at EQT's Grey Hill Site in Jay Twp., on which the municipality would collect. Supervisor Jeremy Rippey said in talking with Elk County Commissioner Daniel R. Freeburg, he expects Jay Township's share to be in the area of $50,000 to $60,000, while emphasizing that these figures are not set in stone.
Weedville resident Bob Coppolo asked if any provisions had been made for the money to be distributed to township entities, including the sewage and water authorities and the volunteer fire company.

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