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Jay Township to discuss drilling concerns

February 17, 2011

Jay Township Supervisor Francis Gustafson, left, indicated on Thursday evening that he hopes to form a group to discuss Marcellus Shale drilling within the township. Also pictured at right is supervisor Jeremy Rippey. Photo by Becky Polaski.

Jay Township Supervisor Francis Gustafson informed township residents on Thursday evening that he would like to get a group together to discuss looking into how to protect the township's resources in the face of increased drilling by the Marcellus Shale industry.
"I figured we'd bring it up a little bit at each meeting to see if anybody's interested," Gustafson said.
He explained that the township recently obtained a copy of a draft ordinance prepared by the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors (PSATS).
"I'd like to see how much interest we've got in this. I think it's a serious thing. I think something ought to be done because right now we're getting run over in Mt. Zion and Gray Hill, and in fact, tomorrow, I have to call them and tell them they're going to have to do something because they just keep smashing that road up. One day it was 80 trucks, just in one day, hauling stuff," Gustafson said.
As drilling becomes more prevalent in the area, Gustafson encouraged township residents to have their wells or springs tested.

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