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Jay Twp. auditor acknowledges controversy surrounding his victory

November 20, 2011

Photo by Colin Deppen - Supervisors, pictured, at Thursday's meeting of the Jay Twp. board during which newly elected write-in auditor John Bricen acknowledged the criticism surrounding his campaign and his supposed violation of rules and regulations pertaining to campaign literature.

John Bricen, Jay Township's newly elected write-in auditor, in speaking before attendees at Thursday's meeting of the board of supervisors, began by thanking all those who has turned out to vote this past Election Day. Bricen also had the opportunity to address perceived discrepancies involving his campaign, specifically his campaign literature.
"There seems to be some controversy over my handout literature having the proper documentation on the bottom, having a complaint filed, I understand that, that happens," Bricen said.
The "controversy" or discrepancies Bricen referred to involve his campaign literature's lack of a disclaimer notice. A disclaimer notice is defined by the Federal Election Committee or FEC as "a statement placed on a public communication that identifies the person(s) who paid for the communication and, where applicable, the person(s) who authorized the communication". The FEC also requires disclaimer notices on all "public communications...bulk email...and websites available to the general public."
Once the issue was brought to his campaign's attention, Bricen was furnished with new handouts, the only problem being they were printed on white paper which, along with pink and green, were colors not allowed for use in candidate materials this year. This is due to the fact that such materials are not to be printed on the same color paper as those used by the election board.
The race for Jay Twp. auditor this past month saw Bricen running against Peggy Coppolo, with both candidates as write-ins.
"I think it's important to exercise your right to vote. The people have spoken," Bricen said.
The final count of the election was 155 to 104 in favor of Bricen.
Bricen also said that when seated as auditor he will decline the position's salary. According to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, an auditor for a second class township like that of Jay Township, with a population of 10,000 or less, is entitled to a rate of up to $10 per hour with a maximum of $1,000.
"If I am seated as the auditor for Jay Twp. I will refuse my pay, I don't really need it or I will donate it to senior citizens," Bricen said in closing.

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