Landini-Grogan discusses benefits of Catholic schools

Catholic schools in Pennsylvania provide education to over 7,000 students at 40 different locations, according to Erin Landini-Grogan, director of Respect Life for the Diocese of Erie. Landini-Grogan was at DuBois Area Catholic School (DACS) on Friday afternoon for a news conference regarding school choice and the status of state Senate Bill 1, which, if approved, would increase funding for the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) scholarship program and provide Opportunity Scholarship Grants to students who meet certain income guidelines. These vouchers would then be able to be used at whatever area school the student's family chose. Landini-Grogan explained that the measure holds a particular importance for the area because it would help provide a means for more students to have the opportunity to attend a Catholic school. "Catholic education has become the cornerstone of many of our communities throughout the Diocese, especially here in the DuBois area, where Catholic schools have impacted so many lives, including my own," Landini-Grogan said. "This Senate bill is critical for students throughout the Commonwealth. There are children who live in rural areas and in urban areas who would benefit from the ability and their parents' ability to choose where they attend school."