Lion resigns from Solid Waste Authority

Long-time Elk County Solid Waste Authority member Wendell Lion announced his resignation from the group during its monthly meeting Tuesday afternoon. Elk County Recycling/Solid Waste Coordinator Bekki Titchner indicated that Lion, a resident of St. Marys, has served on the board for over 20 years. For his part, Lion attributed his age as the major reason behind his resignation. "In about five weeks I'm going to be 75 years old and I'm worn out," Lion said. "I'm not the young person I used to be. Maybe a younger person can come here and provide better services. Like a pair of tires, you know, there's no tread on the tires. There's no steam in the steam boiler any more, the pressure's down. I get tired very easy, so I no longer will attend these meetings."Lion also complimented the group on the progress the authority has made over the years. "I've been around awhile. I like the way the organization is run. I like what they do. We've made a lot of progress over the years," Lion said. Board members expressed their sadness at Lion's announcement and stated that they will miss him. Chairman Russ Braun also spoke on behalf of the board and expressed their appreciation for the years of wisdom and experience Lion has brought to the group throughout his involvement. Titchner noted that Lion was very passionate about his involvement with the authority."Some people belong to boards and they go to meetings and, you know, but he'd been really, really passionate about environmental issues the whole time he's been on the board, so it's going to be a shame to see him go," Titchner said.