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Lyme can have devastating effects

September 3, 2012

Photo by Victoria Stanish - Autumn is one of the best times of the year to be out and about in Pennsylvania. Those who are hiking, hunting or just enjoying an afternoon outside should take extra precautions to check for ticks on themselves, their children and pets to avoid the possibility of contracting Lyme disease.

It’s a wonder to many that such a small creature can cause so much trouble, but people who have suffered complications from Lyme disease will tell you differently.
For St. Marys resident Yolanda Wolfel, the experience wasn’t a cut-and-dried, classic Lyme case. In the late 1980s, both Wolfel and her husband fell ill, but couldn’t determine the cause. Her husband had had heart surgery, so she thought maybe an infected blood transfusion could have been to blame. They were tested for a variety of conditions, including AIDS. Various diagnoses included fibromyalgia, hypochondria and even mental illness.

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