Maj. Kline says to remember, reflect and leave a legacy

KERSEY - At Monday morning's Fox Twp. Memorial Day celebration, Elk County native Major Ted Kline (USMC-Ret.) was the keynote speaker. "When I was a fifth grader here in 1975, I never would have imagined back then that this memorial would be on this site and that I would be asked to speak here," Kline said, referring to the adjacent Fox Twp. Elementary School and the veterans' memorial in front of the Fox Twp. Community Center. Kline noted the importance of Memorial Day in the nation's history and the part it plays in local history. "Memorial Day is a special day for Americans. My 92-year-old grandmother likes to go to the Brandy Camp Cemetery and put flowers near the headstones for our ancestors there," Kline said. "It's a good day to remember relatives that have passed away. "Many people also remember and honor all members of the [U.S.] armed forces. And it's a good day to do that as well. But the main reason for Memorial Day is to remember and honor those who have died for our country."