Memorial Park staff collecting donations for breast cancer awareness

When Dave Herbstritt and Katie Cavalline began their jobs as park staff at Memorial Park this summer, they did so knowing that this would be their final summer working at the park. Because of this, Herbstritt, who is in his fifth summer as a park worker, and Cavalline, who is in her fourth, both wanted to do something special as a "senior project." Instead of trying to coordinate a new event or activity, the duo decided to team up and implement a summer-long collection to raise money to benefit breast cancer awareness through the American Cancer Society. "Normally, in the past they've done senior projects, and since we knew it would be both our last years we thought we wanted to do something different," Cavalline said. "We thought we'd do [the collection] instead of just doing a new event or something because this can help people."Herbstritt and Cavalline came up with the idea after something similar was suggested during a kickball tournament at the park last summer."Last year during the kickball tournament people suggested that idea, so we figured instead of just for kickball why not run it all summer? We're going to have one up at the pool. We'll take it down to volleyball with us, and just every event we have we'll have one," Herbstritt said. Cavalline explained that, though their main focus is breast cancer, their "main donation is just going to go to the American Cancer Society as one big donation.""I think we're going to donate it to the [Relay for Life] here, but we don't have a team so it's up in the air right now. We were focusing on that. We were talking to Ben and Luke [Daghir] about it and their mom (Roben Daghir) was helping us out," Cavalline said. While the collection containers vary in shape and size, Cavalline and Herbstritt remarked that all will be painted gold and decorated with pink breast cancer ribbons. These containers will be located at various sites throughout Memorial Park, as well as at select locations within the community. "Right now we have two main [containers] and a bunch of little ones. I know we were going to put one out at St. Marys Beverage. We might just go around and see if any other local businesses want to donate," Cavalline said. Any business that would like to place one of the the collection containers at their location may contact Cavalline or Herbstritt at the park at 834-9418. Within the park itself, containers will be at the park office, the St. Marys Community Pool, and will also be taken to the various events that occur throughout the summer. "We're going to try to have [the containers] like if we're having volleyball, down with the score people. If we're having basketball, down there. But we're always going to have one at the office at all times," Cavalline said.She added that containers would also be at events such as the planned Frisbee Golf Tournament at the park, and would also be taken to other locations under the park staff's care, such as Kaulmont Park, for special events there.