New venue for SSMSE Olympics proves positive

While the Olympic games change venues every four years, it has been a long time coming for the South St. Marys Street Elementary School Olympic Games, which were held this year at Berwind Park for the first time.SSMSE Principal Bob Grumley noted during the opening ceremony that the original plan was to conduct the games at Berwind; however, due to scheduling conflicts they have had to utilize St. Marys Area High School's Dutch Country Stadium over the past eight years. This year, the new venue has proven to be convenient, as it is located right down the street from the school. According to Grumley, the park is a beneficial site for several reasons, particularly in eliminating paying for buses to transport the students to the high school. Additionally, if inclement weather strikes, students can quickly move back to the school for shelter, and it is much easier to access supplies at the school that are needed throughout the day.