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Officials approve policy revisions

September 27, 2011

Photo by Gian DeLoia - Elk County Conservation District officials discuss personnel policy revisions

Elk County Conservation District officials approved revisions to their personnel policy during Monday night's regular meeting.
The new Conservation District employee handbook contains 21 additional pages of policies, an improvement to its past six-page handbook.
"One of the things Steve [Putt] was in charge to do when he came onboard here was to come up with a new personnel policy," said chairman Russ Braun. "Steve [Putt] and Diane [Myers] have been working very hard these past couple months getting it ready. Steve gave it to his sister to review, who is a human resource specialist, and she had some more suggestions so we went ahead and did it again.
"This is the final product. We got together to look it over and we are very confident that we have a good product here."
Many of the revisions focus on the introductory period for a new employee.
"Basically, the way it was, the introductory period was a six-month period, but the new employee would basically get all of the benefits on the first day of hire," said
Elk County Conservation District Manager Steve Putt. "What we are proposing now is a 60-day introductory period and the only benefits they would get is what would be required by law; for instance, worker's compensation and things like that."
Putt also discussed the changes made to compensation time policies.

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