Pa. residents can support breast cancer programs on tax returns

Pennsylvania residents who want to support breast cancer research and programs can do so simply by checking off a box on their state tax return. The PA Breast Cancer Coalition's "Refunds for Research" campaign allows residents to donate part or all of their state refund by checking "yes" on line 35 of their PA 40 tax form. Kevin Smith, communications director for the nonprofit coalition, said for most people, directing their refund to the coalition on their tax return is an easy way of charitable giving.“It’s extremely simple. Anybody receiving a refund on their Pennsylvania tax return can donate part or all of that income simply by checking a box and filling in the amount,” Smith said, adding that the average donation is $8. The coalition provides funding for Pennsylvania based-researchers, acts as a clearinghouse for programs and services, and helps women statewide access medical or preventative services in their area. Smith said since the "Refunds for Research" campaign began in 1997, more than $2.8 million has been donated to breast and cervical cancer research in the state.