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Parking Authority finalizes details before being dissolved

September 14, 2011

City of St. Marys Parking Authority members Warren Stewart and Jack Gabler discuss any final issues before the authority is dissolved on Sept. 19. Photo by Amy Cherry.

The City of St. Marys Parking Authority held their final regular meeting on Tuesday evening inside City Hall.
The authority will be officially dissolved by City Council at its upcoming Sept. 19 meeting. It was established 49 years ago and was due to expire next year unless reauthorized by council.
"We are an arm and only make suggestions and manage finances, etc.," said Warren Stewart, a member of the authority. "The authority's job is to acquire land and funding for parking lots."
He emphasized the authority does not collect any fines, permit money or meter money. City Hall collects parking ticket fines out of the numerous drop boxes located within the city, while the City of St. Marys Police Department collects money from the meters and issues permits. City Council sets the times of meters and collects parking fines.
Stewart and Jack Gabler were in attendance at the meeting, the only two of the five-member board. Bob Makufka and Jeff Buchheit had previously retired from the board. Also on the board was Norb Arnold, who was not in attendance at the meeting.
While wrapping up final issues, Gabler said the only litigation the authority was involved with was against developer Bob Yoder. At one, time the authority attempted to enforce a deed which required Yoder to build a 314-stall garage in the city; however, in the end, the city only received a 189- stall garage.
"There wasn't a lot of communication between what was going on between the city and the Parking Authority," Stewart said.
Gabler noted there was also no additional money available to build the remaining stalls. The litigation eventually dissolved as the Parking Authority was ordered by council not to spend any money on the litigation.


Now we know

September 14, 2011 by cosa69 (not verified), 3 years 50 weeks ago
Comment: 238

why city council DROPPED the Parking Authority. They are in THICK with Yoder or simply allow him to do whatever he wants at his benefit, not the city taxpayers.

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