Paterno well-remembered by many

One sunny spring day in 1993, St. Marys native Bridget O'Donnell Healy, who was a student at Penn State University at the time, sat alone on the steps of Pattee Library studying for one of her classes. Healy remarked that she remembered campus being quiet that day, with not many people moving about. However, there were a few others making their way around the campus that day, and Healy was soon left with an experience that she would remember fondly almost two decades later. "I looked up and saw none other than Joe Paterno walking towards me," Healy recalled. "I didn't know if I should say something or not, when he said 'hello,' asked me what I was studying, and commented on the nice weather, all without breaking stride. That he took a minute to actually talk to me had a lasting impression." Healy, who now resides in Pittsburgh with her husband and fellow St. Marys native Sean, is just one of many individuals who have been sharing their memories of interactions with Joe Paterno over the past few days. Paterno died from lung cancer on Sunday morning, and in the ensuing days Penn State supporters of all ages have been sharing their favorite memories of JoePa with one another.