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Rarities and militaria seen at Roadshow

January 17, 2012

Photo by Colin Deppen - A Hitler Youth personalized camp knife was on display Tuesday at THR & Associates Roadshow at the Comfort Inn in St. Marys. Chuck Pollak, field manager with THR & Associates, explained that Nazi militaria like this piece, brought in and sold by an area resident, are highly collectible.

ST. MARYS - The first day of this week's THR & Associates Treasure Hunters Roadshow at the Comfort Inn in St. Marys on Tuesday saw a number of unusual pieces ranging from rare coinage to collectible World War II-era weaponry.
Chuck Pollak, field manager with THR & Associates, displayed a German hunting knife that he said was a ceremonial piece and typical of a ranking German officer. Pollak said the knife was discovered to have been captured from a German combatant toward the end of the Second World War. The piece brought in by an area resident Tuesday netted the owner several hundred dollars, according to Pollak.

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