Recycling center to hold open house Tuesday

The Community Recycling Center, located in the Stackpole Complex in St. Marys, is holding an open house from 5 to 7 p.m. Tuesday evening in an effort to help better educate community members on how materials are processed at the facility. The center has been accepting recyclables since the beginning of October. Bekki Titchner, Elk County recycling coordinator, encouraged area residents to attend the event, though she noted that this is strictly a social event and individuals will not be permitted to drop off recyclables. "We hope that people will be able to see firsthand what happens to the materials they drop off and how much handling is necessary," Titchner said. "We want this to be educational, but enjoyable. We want to answer their questions and we want folks to know who we are."One purpose of the open house is to help residents understand the importance of dropping off material during the week when the center is open. Diane Myers, recycling secretary, noted that the facility has been inundated with people dropping off materials on the third Saturday of each month and it has been challenging for her, Titchner and other volunteers to keep up with the inflow of materials. "People don't know that we're open during the week apparently. We're trying to keep electronics going Saturday morning at this place and there's only two of us and a few volunteers. We really need people to start coming here during the week instead of everybody coming on Saturday," Myers said. "We must have had 400 people on Saturday [Nov. 20], just with plastics, and then they're bringing everything else with their plastics so we were here for two days trying to clean up."Attendees at the open house will also be able look through a display of unacceptable items that are commonly dropped off by well-meaning residents. Myers explained that the plastic containers resemble those that are able to be dropped off at the center, but are labeled as #5 or #7. For more on this story, see the Nov. 29 edition of The Daily Press.