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Refurbishment of St. Leo Catholic Church on schedule

December 23, 2010

St. Leo Catholic Church has undergone major renovations earlier this month. The work is expected to be completed by April 2011. Photo by Gian DeLoia.

The refurbishment of the St. Leo Catholic Church began earlier this month and is off to a good start, according to Father Brian Vossler.
“The progress for our refurbishing has gone very well so far,” Vossler said. “At first, we got off to a slow start because we were waiting for a company from North Carolina to come and pick up our pews. They were delayed by about a week and a half, but we did some planning and did some work out in the gathering space so it wasn't completely wasted time, and once we got all of the contractors on board it's been going very smoothly.”
It has been 38 years since the church has undergone any major renovations. The church will be closed until April of 2011 to allow time to complete the refurbishing.
Some of the refurbishment includes the restoration of the pews, pew cushions, kneelers, baptismal font, main altar, back altar with the tabernacle built in, pulpit, Presider's Chair, statues, columns, sanctuary and votive candles, upper ceiling glass and windows, inside and outside lights, sound system, painting and floors.
A new electrical wiring system for the church is also being installed.
For more on this story, see the Dec. 24 edition of The Daily Press.

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