Rendezvous reaches No. 13

Organizers are preparing for what will be the 13th installment of the Ridgway Chainsaw Carvers Rendezvous scheduled for Feb. 18-25 in downtown Ridgway."We're excited because it's coming fast and we're excited about the new location," said Zoe Boni, daughter of Rendezvous founders Rick and Liz Boni.Formerly held at the former Motion Control grounds in Ridgway at the foot of Montmorenci Road, the event has since moved to the downtown area, from South Broad Street to its intersection with Main Street and Center Street, and Center Street to its intersection with Mill Street; Court Street also will be closed off for the weeklong affair."Every year it grows and gets better, and I think the carving this year will be phenomenal because everyone will be doing their absolute very best in hopes of being chosen to go on TV," said Liz Boni, co-founder of the event and of Appalachian Arts Studio. "It's definitely a challenge for the carvers this year, as well as a challenge for us with our new location. We're very excited that it's downtown and we think it's going to be a beautiful backdrop for the event itself."The original plan called for the event to be held on Main Street, but unforeseen issues prevented the street from being closed off; instead, event organizers targeted streets one block away from the main drag.