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Rigas updates Fox supervisors on Zito cable upgrade

June 6, 2012

Photo by Amy Cherry Zito Media's Jim Rigas spoke briefly before the Fox Township Supervisors on Wednesday evening.

During Wednesday evening's Fox Township Supervisors' meeting, Jim Rigas of Zito Media provided a brief update on the cable television provider's ongoing upgrades to area subscribers.
Rigas stated Monday was the busiest day for the company's St. Marys office, which marked the first day the new cable boxes became available to subscribers.
Demand for the HD Digital Adapter box, the lowest-priced of the four available boxes, was extremely high and the office is currently out of stock. Rigas said the company expects a new shipment to arrive within the next week-and-a-half. Because of this, subscribers are being offered the second-level box, the Standard HS Digital Receiver, for free for the next two months. After that time, subscribers may choose to keep the box or return it for the HD Digital Adapter box.
He added that with any upgrade there are bound to be glitches. Among them were issues with the TiVo DVR, the top-tier box. Rigas stated the network should be able to fully support the TiVo box within the next few weeks.

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