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Roof sworn in as attorney

November 25, 2011

Photo by Gian DeLoia - Attorney Brittany A. Roof was sworn in Wednesday afternoon at the Elk County Courthouse Courtroom. Shown, front row, Vernon "Buddy" Hanley; second row, from left, attorney Shawn McMahon, Mike Hanley, Megan Hanley, attorney Brittany A. Roof, Frances Roof, Anne Roof and Emma Cenni; and back row, Judge Richard A. Masson.

A special ceremony was held in the Elk County Courthouse Courtroom Wednesday afternoon to swear in attorney Brittany A. Roof to the bar of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Elk County President Judge Richard A. Masson, district attorney Bradley Kraus, Roof's family members and other members of the bar were on hand to witness Roof's admission.
Roof was born and raised in Elk County and currently resides in Allegheny County. She obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of Pittsburgh and recently obtained her law degree from the Duquesne University School of Law in Pittsburgh in May of 2011.
"She has achieved academic excellence, obtaining awards, honors and accolades that are too numerous to mention," said attorney Shawn McMahon.
Roof sat for the bar exam in July of 2011 and received notification by the Pennsylvania Board of Law Examiners that she successfully passed the exam in October of 2011.
Prior to Judge Masson administering the oath, he read from a lecture written by 16th U.S. president Abraham Lincoln.


Atty Roof Article---

November 26, 2011 by cosa69 (not verified), 3 years 17 weeks ago
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The DP could have mentioned that her father was former Judge, Buddy Roof...... Good Grief!

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